Five Secrets All Men WANT You to Know

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5 secretes all men wants you to know
5 secrets all men want you to know

You probably think to yourself what the hell? If all men want me to know this, how come it’s a secret? Well, on a matter of fact, it’s not a secret but rather something most women don’t know and most men don’t batter to tell.

Those “secrets” are simple things that will make you much more attractive to men. Not only will you be more attractive you will also start to feel the power of being a seductive person.

So if you want him to be extremely attracted to you and chase you, try those tips and you will see an immediate impact on him.


  • Tease him.

It’s all about the art of being sharp and witty without being too cynical. Try to tease him once in a while. Don’t be an open book to him. Be mysterious. This will give him a challenge in getting the true you and will lure him to you.

  • Smile!

Five Secrets All Men WANT You to Know
your smile has power

Your smile has power and your smile is beautiful! Women often underestimate the power of their smile. A woman’s smile projects confidence and sex appeal and has a lot of power over men. It sends them the message that you are cheerful and fun to be with.

Try to smile whenever you can, especially on the early stages of the dating and you will see the effects it has on men and on general. It will also make you, on the subconscious level, a more positive woman.

  • Cook for him.

Know the saying “the road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach?” if you will cook for him the food that he likes it will send him two important signals- 1. You are making an effort and trying to make him feel good 2. You are a woman to come home to after an exhausting day.

  • Talk dirty to him.

This is something that can spice up your relationship. Men love to hear dirty talk once in a while during sex and it’s definitely can drive them crazy.  Think of it as a ‘verbal sex product’ that can add a special flavour to your sex life.

  • Wear sexy underwear.

By no means does this dating tip insinuates that you are going to jump to bed with every guy you date unless that’s your intention. However, wearing lingerie intriguingly adds a spark to your self-esteem, rendering you a focal point the moment you step into a room.

Five Secrets All Men WANT You to Know

Count it as a little fashion tip that hyperbolizes your heartbeats with an appealing confidence. The result?  You look sexy, and guys find it irresistible stealing glances at you. In no time, the confident ones will be seeking you out.

To wrap things up

Those little “secrets” can very much spice up your relationship, and if you are in the dating phase, can make you super attractive to him and make him want you more. It those little things that can make a big change. So if you want him to stick with you and always want to be with you, try those tips and you will see an immediate impact on him.