If You Want Your Relationship to Flourish Make Sure You Have This

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what makes a good relationship
The Five Essentials Conditions for a Good and Lasting Relationship

Imagine meeting someone so amazing you can’t bring yourself to picture him ever being apart from you. Then suddenly things start getting stale in your relationship sooner than you expected. And before you know it the relationship is over. Most people would naturally resort to blaming themselves for this predicament.

But the truth is, it is never really about them but the fact that their relationship lacked what makes a good relationship. Either the relationship lacked true love, it wasn’t based on mutual respect, there was no good communication or the couple didn’t share any interests or values. Let’s take a look at why these conditions are key to a great relationship.

True Love

If you want to ensure that you have a deep lasting relationship filled with amazing experiences, then you have to base it on true love. We all have faults and it’s true love that will only make the other person accept and appreciate you for who you are.

Something that will not only make you comfortable in your own skin but also see to it that you are growing in the relationship. It will also be easy for both of you to prioritise each other effortlessly without feeling like it’s much of a burden.

Shared Values

Relationships sometimes bring together two very different people. And for these two people to stick together, they should at least have a common stand on most things through their shared values. This will make it so easy to make difficult decisions. Especially those that would otherwise be difficult to arrive at if you two have very diverse views.

Shared values in a relationship also make it simple to air your views openly without the fear of being perceived negatively. In the long run, the shared values will help you grow together instead of apart as you deepen your intimacy.

what makes a good relationship
Shared Values

Shared Interests

One of the most important things you can ever do as a couple is to spend quality time together. And what better way to do this than by having shared interests? It not only makes having rich conversations easy but it will also see to it that you get to grow as you learn new things from your partner.

What’s more? You get to kill two birds with one stone as you spend more time with your partner doing what you both love. However, you should be careful to avoid the trap of spending all your time together to avoiding getting bored of each other quickly. Time spent apart makes the time you get to spend together much more valuable.

Mutual Respect

You definitely deserve to be with someone who deeply respects you. This is one of the things that will push you to be better as it will boost your confidence levels by a great margin. Something that will go a long way in ensuring that you pour out your love generously to your partner.

Someone who respects you also greatly admires you and will go to great lengths to ensure that he treats you fairly. So even when your relationship is going through a rough patch, he will remain loyal to you and uphold the faithfulness he promised you.

what makes a good relationship
Mutual Respect

 Good communication

All lasting relationships have one thing in common and that is good communication. First, when you are getting to know each other, it is through communication that will help you to develop a deep intimate bond.

When you are going through problems, it is through proper communication channels that you can relay your feelings. And this means you will arrive at a consensus quickly and without much damaging strain on your relationship. Good communication will also make you easily understood in the relationship. And this will strengthen your trust and respect for each other.

those conditions are basically what makes a good and lasting relationship. You can evaluate your relationship against these five essential conditions of a good and lasting relationship to see how you are doing. And as you do so, note some of the things you can adopt to develop your relationship. [Read also the “Five signs That Show He Wants a Relationship“].

If you are single, you are now even at a better position as you know what to look for during your dates. And what kind of foundation to set for your next relationship. Whichever the case, make sure you enjoy the journey.