What Men Really Want in a Woman

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What Men Really Want in a Woman
What Men Really Want in a Woman

Over the years the common thought has always been that men are keen on a woman’s looks more than anything else. Well, this could be true to some extent for some men but the majority of men look for more than just that. so the answer to the question “what men want in a woman” is much deeper. 

A man is most likely to be intrigued by a woman’s thought process especially when it comes to intelligent conversations, how confident she is just by the way she carries herself, her levels of emotional stability, her independence or whether she is fun to be around. So why are these factors so crucial? Read more to find out.

Emotional Stability

If there is one thing that is so important for a man in a woman then it is emotional stability. Especially if he himself is a well-established and self-assured man who is keen on initiating a long term relationship. The key reason is because it is hard to sustain a relationship with a woman who is emotionally unstable.

She will spend the entire life of the relationship trying to manipulate him, drag him into endless drama or involve him in her numerous emotional outbursts. All this can be quite draining and a potent threat to any serious commitment. 


There is something quite attractive about a woman who holds herself in high regard. It shows that she is not only confident but also values every single aspect of who she is and would not let anyone mess around with her.

Men find this quite irresistible because a woman who respects herself will most definitely respect and admire the man in her life. And a woman who admires her man will always challenge him to be better. This is vital for the sustainability of any healthy relationship as it keeps both parties involved happy and secure.

What Men Really Want in a Woman

Fun and Playfulness

Every man has definitely at some point in his life encountered a woman who is clingy. One characteristic of clingy women is that they are always quite clueless about what to do with their lives. And since busy men don’t want this, they will look for a woman who knows how to have fun on their own.

Such that he doesn’t need to worry about getting a call every minute from her, nagging him about spending time with her because she is bored. Yet when he finally gets with her they get to have the time of their life because she is so much fun to be around.

What Men Really Want in a Woman
Fun and Playfulness


Today’s man is quite different and looks beyond a woman’s looks when he wants to start something serious. Actually, for the longest time, it was believed that intelligent women really intimidated men but that is not the case anymore.

Men are really interested in women who can hold their own in deep conversations and are capable of making wise choices that have a great impact on their lives. Men are constantly in search for that woman who they can depend on to give them valid and insightful advice on some of their key life decisions. Because relationships are all about supporting each other.

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Most men dream about building their lives around women who are both independent and strong. They find such women attractive because they are not only doing something of value with their lives but also exhibit a high level of confidence.

What this means to a man is that he can find time to do his own things and when he creates time to be with his woman it’s quality time because they get to offer each other a different experience. Her confidence means that she is strong, secure and is capable of taking charge of any situation that presents itself. Mostly, without the need of her man unless it is necessary. 

The Bottom Line

Obviously, these are not ALL the things men are looking for in a woman, and those factors change to some extent from man to man, but they are definitely the key factors most men share. [Read also the “Five Secrets All Men WANT You to Know”].

Thus if you have been wondering why men lose interest in you at the very first, you need to evaluate yourself against these factors. If you are emotionally unstable, seek some help. Try as much as possible to forge a life of your own that is full of fun. Read books to improve your intelligence and work on your career too. And most importantly, carry yourself with a good level of self-respect. 

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