Why Do Men Lose Interest?

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Why Do Men Lose Interest?
Why Do Men Lose Interest?

Picture this; you are seated in your living room clutching at your phone, waiting for that one call from him that doesn’t seem to come. You consistently check your emails expecting a sweet message from him that will blow your mind, but you get disappointed there too. That is when you begin questioning whether he has lost interest in you and your mind goes wild trying to figure out why.

It gets a bit confusing for you because things were totally normal between you two, yet he has just pulled a Houdini on you. If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, then like most women, the dominant question in your mind is why do men do that? why do men lose interest suddenly?

Well, some experts say that every normal relationship must go through such moments while others will just tell you that the guy in the picture is just not into you. But a man will behave a certain way because of a particular reason. Thus knowing what might have triggered him to act that way will surely help you avoid such a situation in the future.

Are You Two On The Same Page?

One of the critical things to consider at the onset of any date is whether your partner interests are the same one as yours. In most cases, a man will flee because he feels pressured to get into a relationship that he is not ready for. It is totally okay to want a long term relationship, but this is a big step that requires commitment from both of you. If he acts distance when it’s clear to him that you want his commitment, just give him space. He might just come back to you after he has made up his mind or better yet save you a lot of future heartbreak by staying away.

Did you Push him Away By your Actions?

It’s natural for a human being to withdraw to themselves if they feel wronged. Did you do something that pushed him away and you haven’t owned up yet? Maybe he has withdrawn because he believes that you do not care about his feelings anymore due to your actions. This situation calls for you to be mature enough to recognise your mistake and offer him a proper apology. You’d be surprised at how fast you two will get over this and into the normalcy of your relationship.

Why Do Men Lose Interest?
Did you Push him Away By your Actions?

Maybe There is Someone Else

Unfortunately, this happens, but this in all likelihood happens most when the woman he is with has stopped doing all of the above variables and has pressured him into moving things forward with her, without taking his perspective at all. If he’s found someone else, that doesn’t mean that hope is lost. It just means your work is a little more cut out for you. But if he has stopped contact cold turkey, this, unfortunately, may be one of the bona fide reasons why.

The Feelings Were Not Mutual 

Yes, it’s possible to have deep feelings for someone without them ever developing similar feelings for you. It’s so hard to fake chemistry and sometimes if a man thinks you are awesome he will date you for an extended period hoping for something to develop in his heart for you.

Frankly, there is so little you can do when it comes to developing chemistry in a relationship. It’s a natural phenomenon which, when doesn’t happen, can force a man to retreat and try to end things with you. It’s not your fault, at least he thought you are awesome enough for him to stick around for that long. Just move on, there is always that one guy out there who will feel the same for you.

You Are Too Available

Men love a challenge, and if he thinks you are too easy, he will flee from you very fast. Are you the kind of girl who would ask a man to marry them on the third date or agree to sex when you two barely know each other? You need to change that; you need to have respect for yourself and a life of your own that does not involve him.

A little bit of mystery is both sexy and attractive – every time you are getting to know someone try it, and you won’t believe how crazy it can drive your love interest. It will make them want more of you every single moment. You become their little addiction.

Avoid Being Needy

It’s so attractive for a man to know that a woman needs them without necessarily being needy. There is a small difference between those two that if crossed can make a man totally want to avoid you. You don’t need to disrupt his busy schedule demanding he comes and kills that spider which is lurking in your closet, Neither is he impressed that you have called him the fifth time in a day to ask where he is and what he is doing.

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The Bottom Line

It is true that men are difficult to understand today more than ever, and it’s becoming quite common in dating for women to go through the slow blow off. It is also frustrating that many times men will just withdraw without giving you any reason. While there is a reason as to why this happened, realise it necessarily doesn’t mean you are the problem.

Your girlfriends have told you a million times that you are awesome and they are probably right about that and the fact that the right one will finally find their way to you. Maybe this same guy will come to his senses and seek you out for a long term relationship because sometimes we never know what we have until we lose it.